Ministry of Health, the Netherlands 

Lunch meeting Planet Homeless, open to Ministry of Internal Affairs/ Housing and City of Amsterdam 

September 2015


National Day of Social Relief and Sheltered Housing

Planet Homeless Theme Table

15th of September, Nieuwegein,



Integrated Strategies at a Local Level

24 August 2015



Housing First in the EU – the outcomes of the EC PROGESS funded Housing First Europe programme’

25 June 2015



Planet Homeless

20 June 2015


City of Paris

Integrated Strategies at a Local Level

18 June 2015


Educational training Amsterdam Health workers

Planet Homeless

15 June 2015


Amsterdam Day for Homeless

Planet Homeless

3 June 2015


Themalunch Gemeente Amsterdam

24 April 2015


Nationaal Congres Volksgezondheid 2015

Context en beleid. Rol van gemeentelijke ggd-en bij preventie en herstel van kwetsbare mensen in

Amsterdam, Kopenhagen en Glasgow 

8 April 2015


Guest lecture ‘Good Governance’ Vu University Amsterdam.

Goed bestuur in het sociale domein? Een internationale vergelijking van de kwaliteit van de resultaten van

daklozenbeleid in drie governance arrangementen

9 januari 2015 (film available)


In Work Conference Social Inclusion, Work Integration and Social Entrepreneurship.

Comparison of Different Governance Approaches Towards Homelessness and Work Integration across Europe,

10 November 2014


Habitact (Policy Conference Feantsa, Bergamo, Italy).

Planet Homeless. The Governance of a Social Complex Issue in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow,

24 October 2014


National Day on Homelessness, keynote, Helsinki, Finland.

Facts and figures about Amsterdam ACT in a wider perspective,

17 October 2014


Academic Workplace Urban Social Exclusion G4. 

Overview vanuit Internationaal Vergelijkend en Bestuurskundig Perspectief. Gebasseerd op het nog te publiceren

proefschrift ‘Planet Homeless- the Governance of a Social Complex Issue in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow’,

12 Oktober 2014


TED-pitch, Lustrum FSS, Vu University Amsterdam.

Transforming welfare states missing out on their homeless.


Law Enforcement and Public Health 2014.

A Critical Comparative Perspective on the Governance of Pressure and Coercion in Public (Mental) Health

in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow, Relationships and Outcomes

7th of October 2014


Erasmus programme, University Tilburg.

The Governance of Homelessness in Three Northern European Cities. Intentions and Outcomes.

21 February 2014


European research conference, housing first, what’s second? Berlin.

What is Needed for Cities and their Stakeholders to Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?  

20 September 2013

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